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Cançons de la lluna al barret

Performed in the Palau de la Música Catalana, this project is a selection of songs for children’s choir written by Josep Vila Casañas, nowadays one of Catalonia’s best known choral music composers. The pieces are mostly poems by Miquel Desclot which the composer has set to music. This show was the basis for the recording of the book-album Un barret de cançons (A hat full of songs) released by FICTA. (link:

This project is of special importance since the composer’s songs have been interpreted recurrently over the years by most Catalonian children choirs, but there wasn’t a quality recording to enjoy the works properly. For the performance, the choir also took on intense work of choreography and staging directed by Sol Picó, looking for a new and original way of presenting the repertoire to the audience.

Cançons de la lluna al barret, editat per FICTA


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